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Saturday, 04. April 2020

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Thomas Willers – Experienced Lawyer in Germany

When conducting business or making investments in Germany, it is imperative to retain an attorney who is familiar with the local laws and regulations. Thomas Willers is a lawyer in Germany who offers top-notch legal service to clients worldwide. When you seek help from Thomas Willers, you will be represented by a professional who speaks English but is trained and immersed in the German legal system.

In Germany, a rechtsanwalt fills the roll of both lawyer and solicitor. Thomas Willers is a rechtsanwalt who provides legal advice, represents clients in court and helps clients understand their rights and obligations as a foreigner with legal matters in Germany. Thomas Willers also provides assistance with legal matters in Switzerland and Austria.

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An English-Speaking Germany Lawyer

English-speaking clients from outside of Germany frequently need assistance with the legal issues that can arise from doing business with German companies, investing in German enterprises, or becoming involved in financial matters in Germany.

As a lawyer in Germany, Thomas Willers assists clients and businesses with a broad range of legal issues including:
  • Contract negotiations with German companies or individuals
  • Contract review with respect to contracts created in Germany or interpreted under German law
  • Launching a business in Germany
  • Due diligence on a German company before making an investment or entering into a business transaction
  • Contract disputes arising with a German company
  • German property inheritance
  • Collecting a debt from a German company
  • Transferring money within Europe or internationally

Getting Help from an Experienced German Lawyer is Easy

Navigating the German legal system can be difficult for foreigners. Whether your proceeding is in local court, district court or a higher regional court, you must select the legal institution with jurisdiction over your particular type of claims.

Often, establishing jurisdiction depends on demonstrating that you and the other parties involved in the legal dispute are subject to German law and have sufficient commercial relations in Germany.

Contact Attorney Thomas Willers

Foreign businesses and investors must understand the regulations governing financial and corporate affairs in Germany. Thomas Willers is prepared to provide you with the representation and advocacy you need. Our firm can represent you in court, as well as in proceedings and negotiations with public authorities and companies throughout Europe. We can also refer you to colleagues for tax law matters, patent consultancy, and economy and sales consultancy.

With offices conveniently located in Munich, Thomas Willers is easy to contact and able to accept your case immediately. Call today or contact us via email to learn more: 0049 89 3815 3000 .

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