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Friday, 21. November 2014

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Your Lawyer in Germany / Munich

Welcome to the website Germany Lawyer of Thomas Willers. If you require the services of a German lawyer who supports and advises foreign persons and companies in legal matters in Germany, you are in the right place. Thomas Willers works as an independent lawyer in Munich, Germany, in the areas of contract law, company law and general civil law. He advises his clients on all matters of general contract and civil law, especially on the drafting of contracts of all kinds.

This Website Germany Lawyer should give you first informations about the services and the work of a lawyer in Germany.

Work for clients includes the following:

- dealing with legal situations and contract positions, drafting and/or
- checking contracts and offers
- founding companies on behalf of clients
- contacting specific companies
- checking companies' offers
- collecting agreed monies
- acting in connection with clients' disputes with German contract partners, for example with regard to defects or poor performance.
- family affairs
- hereditary measuresy
- dept collection

Claims against German parties

Most of the inquiries to Thomas Willers contains financial difficulties. The clients of Thomas Willers needs help from a lawyer in Germany to get their money. The claims are based on business contracts, private agreements, family law or law of inheritance.

In Germany no lawyer is affraid of acting against big companies, banks or insurances. At least one third of all civil actions are against banks or insurances.

Position of a Lawyer / Attorney in Germany

In Germany there is only the "Rechtsanwalt", who acts as both lawyer and solicitor. A Rechtsanwalt gives legal advice, is admitted to legal representation, assists clients in bringing cases before a court, and represent clients in court.

Increasing numbers of lawyers in Germany are specialising in certain fields of law, for example family law, rental law, labour law. Lawyers are required to pass examinations in order to call themselves "Fachanwalt " (specialized lawyer).

If you have a problem with your own lawyer in Germany, it mostly relates to the legal costs. In this case you can write to the local chamber of lawyers. In Munich: the "Rechtsanwaltskammer München" -, Tal 33, 80331 München, phone: 0049 /89/ 53 29 44-0 fax: 0049/ 89/ 53 29 44-28 e-mail:

You may also contact the Conciliation Body for Lawyers in Germany "Schlichtungsstelle der Rechtsanwaltschaft",, Neue Grünstraße 17/18, 10179 Berlin, phone: 0049/ 30/ 2844417-0, fax: 0049/ 30/ 2844417-12, e-mail:

Both of these bodies will be able to help you quickly and easily.

Company Checks Germany

German Lawyers will often be asked to check certain companies in Germany concerning, for example, liquidity or financial situation. For this there are databases for all capital companies e.g. GmbH, AG, GmbH & Co. KG, available on the internet.

With information from the commercial register, the Federal Gazette (with years of back issues), as well as other tools, a German lawyer is able to assess the current situation of any company in Germany. There is never a guarantee; however, what we can say is that trustworthy companies display their integrity readily, whereas untrustworthy companies try to hide their dark side.

The free internet is thus an invaluable source of information. If a company is in trouble, it is possible to find related information. If no traces of trouble are to be found, the chances are high that the company is not affected by problems.

Special Informations - Lawyer or Detective in Germany

If you seek specific information to a person living in Germany or a company with it’s headquarters or branch situated in Germany, it is better for you to contact a detective or detective agency. Lawyers in Germany are part of the German legal system, subject to professional rules applicable solely to them. These rules sometimes prevent them from getting the information they need. For example, information from local citizen's registration offices or local land registers cannot be obtained by lawyers, unless overriding interests can be proven.

Thomas Willers can help you with cases within Germany, as well as with international cases, to get in touch with reliable detective agencies.

Review of German Contracts

Lawyer Thomas Willers in Munich / Germany offers to review your contracts with German companies. For foreign companies it is advantageous to agree to a place of jurisdiction in Germany. If you agree that the overall contractual relationship and other commercial relations between your company and the German company are to be subject to German law, you will have no problem judicially asserting your claims in Germany. You just need the help of a German lawyer. The jurisdiction process is relatively quick and straightforward. It is possible to enforce final judgments directly against the other party. Enforcement is generally achieved quickly.

Read more in the article German contract.

Legal Representative in Germany

Thomas Willers offers to represent you or your company as lawyer in Germany for all law proceedings and negotiations with public authorities, organisations, or other companies whether these be based in Germany or anywhere else in Europe.

Mr Willers can assist you in founding new companies as well as with your mergers and acquisitions involving existing companies in Germany. He can provide representation to you for insolvency proceedings and in Local Court, District Court and Higher Regional Court proceedings.

Lawyer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Lawyers in Germany can also provide assistance and representation to you for proceedings and cases in jurisdictions of Austria and Switzerland. In judicial proceedings it is better to work with a lawyer directly located at the jurisdiction in question. Mr Willers will gladly help you to find the right lawyer for your needs.

Money Transfer / Money-Laundery

From Germany you can transfer money to anywhere in the world without problems. The major banks in Germany offer excellent services for international business and money transfers. If you have questions or find you have problems with the laws governing such transfers, for example the German money-laundering laws, Mr Willers can help you and can give you legal advice.

For all money transfers it is important to know from whom the money came and which business deal it came in connection with. Please read more in my article about Money Transfer and the money-laundering laws in Germany. For example, certain countries such as Iran are not easy to transfer money to at this moment.

Recommondation and mediation of other consultans

Thomas Willers can recommend the services of several high-quality and trustworthy colleagues to you in the branches of tax consultancy, economy and sales consultancy, as well as patent consultancy for important sectors of economy and industry; not only those situated in Germany, but throughout Europe and in many other countries outside Europe.

My office is located in Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany. Please find my office on Google Maps here.

Please feel free to send your request!

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