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German inheritance


Inheriting money or property in Germany can provide a windfall to heirs, but the law imposes certain legal obligations on those who receive a gift of money after someone’s death. There is a specific process required to claim an inheritance, and heirs must determine if the inheritance is something they wish to claim. Heirs must also pay for the cost of a funeral for the deceased or can be charged by the state.

German inheritance law can be complicated, especially if you are living in a different country at the time when you receive notice that you have inherited money or property. An inheritance lawyer in Germany can provide the assistance you need to move forward with the probate process, claim your inheritance and fulfill your duties under German law. Call Thomas Willers today to schedule a consultation and speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer who will help after the death of a loved one. We can be reached at 0049 89 1211 0580.

Thomas Willers, An Inheritance Lawyer in Germany, Can Advocate For You

Sections 1922-2384 BGB provide information on German inheritance laws. Under the rules applicable in Germany, if the deceased has left a will or testament behind, the directions of the deceased must be interpreted and followed.

In some cases, the deceased will be clear in the testament regarding the identity of the beneficiaries. Those who inherit money have six weeks to claim or disclaim the inheritance. If the testament is not clear, it will need to be interpreted by a judicial officer and judge of a probate court. The judge or court will interpret the deceased’s wishes. The need to go to court can complicate the process of distributing assets after death. Potential beneficiaries should seek the assistance of an inheritance lawyer in Germany to make a compelling argument for a beneficial interpretation of the testament.

If heirs to an estate cannot be found, a curator of the estate is responsible for locating those who should inherit. Professional heir finders may also be hired to identify individuals who have received property or assets upon death. Heirs have no legal obligation to pay the heir finder, but may make a payment arrangement. Attorney Willers can review the payment terms and provide advice and negotiation assistance when reaching an agreement with the heir finder.

When heirs are identified and have claimed an inheritance, the probate process proceeds and the probate court presides over claims of creditors and others who allege a right to property from the deceased’s estate. The heir will receive a certificate of inheritance, which can be used to obtain information from financial institutions and to transfer property from banks and other asset holders.

Heirs have an obligation to pay for a deceased’s funeral costs and if they do not plan the funeral, designated government authorities can organize the burial and charge the heirs for the cost. If heirs disclaim an inheritance, children or close dependents of the decedents must pay for funeral expenses.

Getting Help from an Inheritance Lawyer in Germany

After the death of a friend or family member you may be left coping with grief and sadness over the loss of a loved one. Do not take on a tremendous burden of trying to understand German inheritance laws. No matter where you live or how complex the estate, Thomas Willers - an English-speaking probate law professional – can help you throughout the probate process. Call today to learn more: 0049 89 1211 0580.

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