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Monday, 27. January 2020

Real Estate LAWYER In Germany

Thomas Willers – A Real Estate Lawyer in Germany

Purchasing or transferring real estate in Germany can represent a significant investment for individuals and businesses. When entering into a real estate transaction, you should seek representation by a real estate lawyer in Germany with knowledge of the local laws and customs for real estate transactions. It is especially important for individuals and companies outside of Germany to have a local attorney to assist with their transaction.

Thomas Willers is an English-speaking real estate lawyer in Germany, or rechtsanwalt, with offices located in Munch. Attorney Willers represents individuals and businesses during all phases of negotiating and closing a real estate deal in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. He represents clients from around the world, helping them understand the German finance system, as well as the rules and regulations for the purchase, sale and lease of residential and commercial land and property.

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A Real Estate Lawyer in Germany Can Represent You

Many stakeholders are involved in real estate transactions in Germany, including buyers, sellers and lenders. All parties have rights and obligations, and foreign investors or owners buying property in Germany need to understand the essential steps of closing the deal successfully.

Germany real estate lawyer Thomas Willers can:

  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Review paperwork, including contracts and sale agreements
  • Assist in resolving disputes
  • Handle all other matters arising from the purchase, sale or lease of residential and commercial real estate
Thomas Willers has helped clients in Germany, throughout Europe, and in the United States and other countries with:

  • Commercial and residential property commercials and sales
  • New construction, remodeling and additions
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Mortgage and loan financing
  • Foreclosures
  • Insurance claims
  • Organizing a legal entity

A purchase/sale agreement is generally the first step in the real estate process and the agreement must contain appropriate contingencies to protect your potential investment. Attorney Willers knows how to negotiate effectively to secure the most advantageous contract terms while working to reach an agreement that results in a successful transaction.

After a sales agreement is executed, securing financing is essential for most investors and individual buyers. It is important to understand the terms of the loan agreement as well as how German laws apply to govern mortgage financing.

Germany real estate lawyer Thomas Willers can review the loan paperwork and agreement to ensure your financial interests are protected. You should not sign financing documents without understanding the full extent of the commitment you are undertaking and without ensuring the terms favorable under German banking regulations.

Getting Help from a Real Estate Lawyer in Germany

Before making any significant investment, it is up to you to conduct proper due diligence. Real estate is often the largest investment individuals and businesses make. The decision to purchase or sell real estate can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line profits or an individual's lifestyle.

German real estate lawyer Thomas Willers understands what is at stake in your transaction and is dedicated to providing the assistance necessary to facilitate a smooth transaction and successful outcome. Call today or contact us online to schedule a consultation and learn more: 0049 89 1211 0580 .

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